“I believe that with good preparation and with a bit of luck, I can succeed!” Polesny keen to perform well in second half of season

After an exciting Canadian round of the Thrustmaster Virtual GP season, we spoke to Vojtech Polesny (Acer Predator) about thrilling battles with Petr Zoubek (Avast) and Jaroslav Honzik (Thrustmaster), as well as how he’s coping in his debut season.


Thrustmaster Virtual GP: “It’s your first season in Virtual GP, has the series met your expectations?”

VP: “Actually, it’s already exceeded my expectations. The personal contact during the race is definitely something special and it just helps you to push even more. I was just surprised by the locality, as that was something I didn’t expect at all.”

TMVGP: “As you are a rookie in this series, do you get nervous before the race?”

VP: “Not really, I’ve done a lot of races in my career…”

TMVGP: “It’s true that you’ve already made a good impression during the first race in Imola after qualifying third, but that race didn’t go that well, did it?”

VP: “It was very simple and unfortunately something that I couldn’t have avoided. I was going around Tosa and got hit by Petr Zoubek. There was nothing I could do and had to wait until the whole starting field went by. I had lost about 10 seconds on the guy ahead when I got back on the track.”

TMVGP: “But you had an amazing battle with Zoubek in Canada, how did that go? Did you enjoy it?”

VP: “It wasn’t just Canada, I’m basically racing throughout the season with Petr, except for Germany. I haven’t been very lucky in these fights so far, maybe you could say that I’ve lost three times to him by something that wasn’t my fault. But in Canada, Petr definitely deserved it on the track and to me, that was the best fight this season so far.”

TMVGP: “And what happened in that last lap in the hairpin?”

VP: “I was maybe a bit too much on his rear than I should have been. I had touched him slightly and unfortunately it was the exact moment when he pressed the throttle. It was a shame, because I would have gone after him on the straight.”


TMVGP: “You also had a great fight with Jaroslav Honzík in Germany, how do you remember that race?”

VP: “The summary is pretty simple. The start, then the second corner and then each pixel of the Thrustmaster rear wing on Jaroslav’s car. At one point I was able to get underneath him, but it wasn’t a very clear manoeuvre so I let him pass. Others said I could have continued but to me, it wasn’t a totally fair move.”

TMVGP: “If you had to choose the best race out of the five so far, which one would it be?”

VP: “Probably Paul Ricard, France… it’s hard to choose, because I never made mistakes and I always narrowly missed the podium.”

TMVGP: “You had a great start in France, but not everyone knows what happened to you later…”

VP: “Me neither! I guess that my mechanics went for a coffee I don’t know! I went to the pits and then had to wait 20 seconds before mechanics started to work on my car. I don’t understand it.”

TMVGP: “Also, I’d like to ask you about Spa, which was far from an ideal race, wasn’t it?”

VP: “Well, just before the race I had to swap my seat and the steering wheel felt totally different. Basically, there was no chance to match my standard speed. And what happened later on, probably everyone knows.”

TMVGP: “You’re now 6th in the championship after Canada. What’s your target for the rest of the season?”

VP: “My target is to get into the Top 5 and to try to get on the podium a few times. Now we are heading to circuits where I feel pretty strong on so hopefully it will work out! Everybody at the front is so strong, so it will very difficult, but I believe that with good preparation and with a bit of luck, I can succeed!”


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Interview by Tadeáš Zíka

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